Okja-Like Mutant Pigs Being Bred in Cambodia

These poor pigs can't even walk normally.

Do AlterNet, 27 Outubro, 2017
Por Joe Loria 

According to Newsweek, genetically altered pigs are being bred at farms in Cambodia. These poor pigs have oversized muscles, with massive buttocks and a bulging, grotesque physique.

While it’s true that most pigs raised and killed for food are genetically manipulated to grow unnaturally large, these mutant pigs weigh significantly more. Being bred to have gigantic muscles causes many negative health effects, including impaired mobility. Footage of these animals shows them walking abnormally due to their large size.

Pigs are sensitive and friendly animals just like the dogs and cats we love at home. They’re also known for being highly intelligent. Considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world, they’re even smarter than dogs.

But instead of treating pigs with compassion, the meat industry cruelly forces them to live in filthy, crowded conditions. Many are imprisoned in gestation crates, tiny metal cages that make it impossible to turn around or lie down comfortably. And like all animals raised for food, they are violently slaughtered.

See for yourself:

The meat industry doesn’t care about pigs, or any animals for that matter—it cares only about the bottom line. The best thing we can do is to boycott this cruel industry by switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to get started.

Joe Loria is the communications and content manager at Mercy For Animals.

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