Identities of the Charlottesville White Nationalist Marchers Revealed

Photo Credit: Karla Cote / Flickr
Twitter users are forcing the unmasked racists to face the consequences.

Do AlterNet, 14 Agosto, 2017
Por Jennie Neufeld

After white nationalists violently took to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend, Twitter users sought justice in the form of ignominy, with a call to "out" the marchers as proud racists.

The marchers made Nazi salutes and waved their Confederate flags. With no white hoods hiding their faces, the sea of angry white men were fair game for the internet to look them up. Within hours, Twitter users, notably Yes, You're Racist, were posting closeup images of the tiki-torch wielding marchers. They requested that anyone who recognized the array of faces spread the word, find their addresses, schools or employers and make the racists face the consequences of their actions—a process known as doxxing, which has more commonly been used by men's rights activists against feminists.

It's tempting to be satisfied with this karma, but it's not nearly enough to undo the harm these marchers have done in Charlottesville—as well as the psychological trauma for minorities and their allies in America. Either way, we'll see if any other open racists become jobless in the days to come following this tragic weekend.

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